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Learn Electrostatics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), electrostatics quiz answers PDF to study grade 10 physics course test 5 for online courses. Capacitors and Capacitance MCQs, electrostatics quiz questions and answers for free online classes. Electrostatics Book PDF: capacitors and capacitance, different types of capacitors, electric charge, capacitors interview questions, electric field and electric field intensity test prep for online school courses.

"Capacitor plates are separated by an insulator known as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz): electrostatics App APK with dielectric, non-metal, paper, and wood choices for free online classes. Practice capacitors and capacitance quiz questions for school certificate programs for online high school classes.

MCQs on Electrostatics Quiz

MCQ: Capacitor plates are separated by an insulator known as


MCQ: The capacitors which use chemical reactions to store charge are called

ceramic capacitors
fixed capacitors
parallel plate capacitors
electrolytic capacitors

MCQ: A negative charge

repels neutral charge
attracts neutral charge
repels negative charge
repel positive charge

MCQ: SI unit of capacitance is


MCQ: If the test charge is free to move, it will always move in the direction of

electric field intensity
electric field industry
electric field
electric shock

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