AC Generator MCQ Questions Online PDF Download

Ac generator MCQs, ac generator quiz answers pdf to study high school physics for online degree courses. Learn electromagnetism Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "ac generator" quiz questions and answers for distance learning classes. Learn high voltage transmission, dc motor, direct current motor, ac generator test prep for online courses.

"When a coil rotated in magnetic field the induced current in it" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on forms of energy with choices continuously changes, remains same, becomes zero, and becomes maximum for distance learning classes. Free physics student portal for online learning electromagnetism quiz questions for online courses.

MCQs on AC Generator PDF Download

MCQ: When a coil rotated in magnetic field the induced current in it

  1. continuously changes
  2. remains same
  3. becomes zero
  4. becomes maximum


MCQ: In A.C generator increasing the no. of turns in the coil

  1. decreases the Electromotive force (EMF)
  2. Electromotive force (EMF) remains same
  3. increases the Electromotive force (EMF)
  4. Electromotive force (EMF) becomes zero


MCQ: The Electromotive force (EMF) developed by the generator depends upon

  1. area of rotating wire
  2. length of rotating wire
  3. radius of wire
  4. size of magnet


MCQ: The metal detectors installed at airports and other places for security purpose are based on the principle of

  1. potential difference
  2. electromagnetic difference
  3. electromagnetic induction
  4. potential energy


MCQ: If the coil is placed perpendicular to field lines then the number of lines passing through the coil is

  1. minimum
  2. maximum
  3. zero
  4. may be max. or min.