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Biochemistry Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) PDF - 26

The Biochemistry Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with Answers PDF, Biochemistry MCQ PDF Download e-Book Ch. 2-26 to learn Grade 10 Chemistry Course. Study Lipids Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) PDF, Biochemistry Quiz Questions and Answers to learn online courses. The Biochemistry MCQ App Download: Free educational app for lipids, carbohydrates, proteins test prep for online education programs.

The MCQs: Layer of fat under mammalian skin acts as an; "Biochemistry" App (Android & iOS) with answers: Thermal insulator; Electric insulator; Protection from germs; Protection from viruses; to learn online courses. Practice Lipids MCQ Questions, download Apple Book (Free Sample) for online education.

Biochemistry Questions & Answers PDF Download: MCQ Quiz 26

MCQ 126:

The layer of fat under mammalian skin acts as an

  1. electric insulator
  2. thermal insulator
  3. protection from germs
  4. protection from viruses
MCQ 127:

What is formed when sucrose undergoes hydrolysis?

  1. glucose
  2. glucose and fructose
  3. glucose and galactose
  4. glucose and glucose
MCQ 128:

Long-chain carboxylic acids are named as

  1. lipids
  2. fatty acids
  3. phospholipids
  4. cholesterol
MCQ 129:

Complex nitrogenous substances that produce amino acids on complete hydrolysis are called

  1. proteins
  2. vitamins
  3. lipids
  4. carbohydrates
MCQ 130:

A component of plant or animal tissue insoluble in water is called

  1. protein
  2. carbohydrate
  3. vitamin
  4. lipids

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