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Physics Units of Measurement - Physics Learning 1

Practice Physics Units of Measurement questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, how many disciplines physical sciences are divided?, what is plasma physics?, how physics can be applied?, define physical quantities?, what are base quantities? and others below.

Physics Units of Measurement Learning 1

How many disciplines physical sciences are divided?

Answer: Physical sciences were divided in to five disciplines in 19th century, which are; chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology and meteorology and physics is the most fundamental of above mentioned disciplines

What is plasma physics?

Answer: It is the study of fourth state of matter which is called plasma. In plasma physics we study the production and properties of this ionic state of matter.

How physics can be applied?

Answer: Physics is involved in almost every discipline of life for example pulleys are used to lift heavy weight objects, electricity is widely used at industrial as well as domestic level, different communication systems which made our lives easier and different transportation means etc. All of these machines and technologies are based on the laws of physics

Define physical quantities?

Answer: Those quantities which can be measured are called physical quantities. For example length, mass, time etc. Physical quantities include the magnitude as well as units for their description, for example length of meter rod is 100 cm.

What are base quantities?

Answer: Those physical quantities on whose basis other quantities are described are called base quantities. They are seven in count and are given as; length, mass, time, temperature, electric current, intensity of light and amount of substance.