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Vitamin C MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Vitamin c Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve vitamin c quiz answers PDF worksheet, 9th grade biology test for online courses. Practice nutrition Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Vitamin C quiz questions PDF for online courses. "Vitamin C MCQ" PDF book: human food components, oral cavity selection grinding and partial digestion, disorders of gut, famine and malnutrition, vitamin c test prep for distance education.

"The sources of vitamin C does not includes" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on vegetative propagation with choices uv from sun, beef liver, citrus fruits, and leafy green vegetables for online courses. Solve nutrition quiz questions for online certificate programs for distance learning.

MCQs on Vitamin C PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The sources of vitamin C does not includes

  1. UV from Sun
  2. beef liver
  3. citrus fruits
  4. leafy green vegetables


MCQ: The vitamin C is also known as

  1. acetic acid
  2. citric acid
  3. nitric acid
  4. ascorbic acid