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Importance of Fertilizers MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Solve Importance of fertilizers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), importance of fertilizers quiz answers PDF worksheet, grade 9 biology practice test for online school programs. Learn nutrition Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Importance of Fertilizers" quiz questions and answers for online degrees. Learn human digestive system, role of liver, problems related to malnutrition, human food components, importance of fertilizers test prep for taking online classes.

"If the nitrogen is the main element of fertilizers then the fertilizers are classified as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on nervous system function with choices structural fertilizers, non-structural fertilizers, nitrogen fertilizers, and respiratory fertilizers for online degrees. Practice nutrition quiz questions for online certificate programs for online learning.

MCQs on Importance of Fertilizers PDF Download eBook

MCQ: If the nitrogen is the main element of fertilizers then the fertilizers are classified as

  1. structural fertilizers
  2. non-structural fertilizers
  3. nitrogen fertilizers
  4. respiratory fertilizers


MCQ: The increased ratio of chemical nutrients in the ecosystem is classified as

  1. triplication
  2. eutrophication
  3. crystallization
  4. distillation


MCQ: The excess of nitrogen fertilizers leads to

  1. pest problems
  2. growth problems
  3. fruiting problems
  4. flowering problems


MCQ: The greenhouse gas which can be emitted from the storage of nitrogen-based fertilizers is

  1. nitrous oxide
  2. nitric oxide
  3. oxygen
  4. hydroxide


MCQ: The organic fertilizers can be derived from

  1. animal materials only
  2. plant materials only
  3. carbon materials
  4. animal and plant materials