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Practice What is nervous system Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve what is nervous system quiz answers PDF to learn 10th grade biology online course. Coordination and Control Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), What is Nervous System quiz questions PDF for online degrees. "What is Nervous System MCQ" PDF Book: coordination, endocrine system test prep for online learning.

"Which of the following are collectively called the brain stem?" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on what is nervous system with choices thalamus, hypothalamus and midbrain, cerebellum, pons and medulla oblongata, medulla oblongata, pons and midbrain, and thalamus, hypothalamus and medulla for online degrees. Learn coordination and control quiz questions for online certificate programs for online high school courses.

MCQs on What is Nervous System

MCQ: Which of the following are collectively called the brain stem?

thalamus, hypothalamus and midbrain
cerebellum, pons and medulla oblongata
medulla oblongata, pons and midbrain
thalamus, hypothalamus and medulla

MCQ: Breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure are controlled by

medulla oblongata

MCQ: Reflexes such as vomiting, coughing, sneezing, etc. are controlled by

spinal cord
medulla oblongata

MCQ: Intermediate neurons are found within the

Central Nervous System (CNS)
Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)
Superior Nervous System (SNS)
Inferior Nervous System (INS)

MCQ: Which of the following coordinates muscle movements?

cerebral cortex
cerebral hemisphere