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10th Grade Biology Worksheets MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

10th grade biology worksheets Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice 10th grade biology worksheets quiz answers PDF, 10th grade biology worksheets for online degrees. Solve man and environment Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "10th Grade Biology Worksheets" quiz questions PDF for online certifications. Learn pollution: consequences and control, biology: pollution, interactions in ecosystem, flow of materials and energy in ecosystems, 10th grade biology worksheets test prep for online teaching certification programs.

"The process of denitrification returns nitrogen into the" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on nervous tissue with choices ecosystem, atmosphere, biosphere, and organism for online certifications. Solve man and environment quiz questions for online certificate programs for online study.

MCQs on 10th Grade Biology Worksheets PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The process of denitrification returns nitrogen into the

  1. ecosystem
  2. atmosphere
  3. biosphere
  4. organism


MCQ: The representation of biomass energy present in different levels of the food chain is classified as

  1. food chain pyramid
  2. food web pyramid
  3. biomass pyramid
  4. ecological pyramid


MCQ: The oxides of nitrogen (NO, NO2) are dissolved in water to form

  1. nitric acid and nitrous acid
  2. citric acid and nitrous acid
  3. nitrates
  4. nitric acid and hydrogen


MCQ: With the help of bacteria, the ammonia is transformed into

  1. ammonia nitrous
  2. ammonium nitrate
  3. nitrites
  4. nitrates


MCQ: The movement of inorganic compounds and elements is classified as

  1. geochemical cycles
  2. kinematic cycles
  3. nutrient cycles
  4. biomass cycles