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Transport of Food MCQ Quiz PDF Download

Practice Transport of food Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), transport of food quiz answers PDF to learn 7th grade science online course. Transportation in Plants Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Transport of Food quiz questions PDF for distance learning. Transport of Food Book PDF: transport of food, plant transpiration, mineral salts and roots test prep for online education programs.

"The contents that a plant uses to make food, are" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on transport of food App APK with water and mineral salts, mineral salts and oxygen, water, mineral salts and carbon dioxide, and water and oxygen choices for distance learning. Learn transportation in plants quiz questions for online certificate programs for elementary school graduation certificate.

MCQs on Transport of Food

MCQ: The contents that a plant uses to make food, are

water and mineral salts
mineral salts and oxygen
water, mineral salts and carbon dioxide
water and oxygen

MCQ: The food transported in the form of a sugar is known as


MCQ: The process by which food in leaves is prepared, is


MCQ: The food is carried away from leaves to the other parts of plant by

dead cells of xylem
sieve tubes of phloem
companion cells of phloem
root pressure in xylem

MCQ: The movement of food in the phloem depends on

living processes in phloem
sieve plates of phloem
companion cells of phloem
dead cells of phloem