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The Book Wave motion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), wave motion quiz answers PDF to study online courses, 10th grade physics tests. Solve Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Wave Motion quiz questions PDF for online high school courses. The e-Book Wave Motion MCQ App Download: longitudinal waves, physics: shm, wave motion test prep for distance learning classes.

The MCQ: X-ray waves, television waves and radio waves are the examples of PDF, "Wave Motion" App Download (Free) with mechanical waves, transverse waves, longitudinal waves, and electromagnetic waves choices for online high school courses. Study simple harmonic motion and waves quiz questions , download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for virtual high school.

Chapter 8 MCQs: Wave Motion Quiz

MCQ: X-ray waves, television waves and radio waves are the examples of

A) mechanical waves
B) transverse waves
C) longitudinal waves
D) electromagnetic waves

MCQ: Waves which require medium for propagation are

A) electromagnetic
B) mechanical
C) transverse
D) longitudinal

MCQ: A disturbance in the medium which causes the particles of the medium to undergo vibratory motion about their mean position in equal intervals of time is known as

A) wave
B) energy
C) vibration
D) amplitude

MCQ: Energy can be transferred from one place to another through

A) linear motion
B) circular motion
C) force
D) waves

MCQ: Water waves and sound waves are the examples of

A) transverse waves
B) longitudinal waves
C) mechanical waves
D) electromagnetic waves

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