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Thermal Properties of Matter Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 13

Practice Thermal properties of matter multiple choice questions and answers PDF, thermal properties of matter MCQ worksheets with answers key to solve grade 9 9th grade physics worksheet 13 for online courses. Practice Thermometer MCQs, thermal properties of matter quiz questions and answers for distance learning classes. Learn thermometer, change of state, latent heat of fusion test prep for distance learning classes.

"On Celsius scale, the upper fixed point is marked as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on thermal properties of matter with choices 212 °c, 32 °c, 100 °c, and 0 °c for distance learning classes. Solve thermometer quiz questions for school certificate programs for school certificate.

Thermal Properties of Matter MCQs Quiz 13 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: On Celsius scale, the upper fixed point is marked as

  1. 32 °C
  2. 212 °C
  3. 100 °C
  4. 0 °C


MCQ: To change the state of matter thermal energy is

  1. added only
  2. removed only
  3. constant
  4. added and removed


MCQ: A thermometer should be

  1. visible
  2. have high boiling point
  3. small specific heat
  4. all of above


MCQ: The temperature on kelvin scale of temperature when it is 15 °C on Celsius scale should be

  1. 273 K
  2. 288 K
  3. 180 K
  4. 258 K


MCQ: The temperature at which a solid starts melting is called its

  1. constant point
  2. boiling point
  3. freezing point
  4. melting point