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Volcanic Eruptions Trivia Questions and Answers PDF - 8

The Volcanic eruptions Trivia Questions and Answers PDF, volcanic eruptions Quiz Answers PDF Download e-Book Ch. 4-8 to study Grade 8 Geography Course. Practice Volcanism MCQ PDF, Volcanic Eruptions Quiz Questions and Answers to study online courses. The Volcanic Eruptions Trivia App Download: Free certification app for volcanism, volcanoes test prep for free online classes.

The Trivia Quiz: Basic lava erupts out of volcano, throwing out mainly; "Volcanic Eruptions" App APK Download with answers: Dust; Ash; CO; CO2; to study online courses. Practice Volcanism MCQ Questions, download Kindle eBook (Free Sample) for online school classes.

Volcanic Eruptions Questions & Answers PDF Download: MCQ Quiz 8

MCQ 36:

Basic lava erupts out of the volcano, throwing out mainly

  1. ash
  2. dust
  3. CO
  4. CO2
MCQ 37:

An example of a shield volcano is

  1. Mount Fuji
  2. Mount Pinatubo
  3. Puy de Dome
  4. Mauna Loa
MCQ 38:

Volcanoes that have erupted in historic times and are still likely to erupt, are known as

  1. Active volcanoes
  2. Dormant volcanoes
  3. Extinct volcanoes
  4. Instinct volcanoes
MCQ 39:

The passageway which joins the vent to the crater of the volcano is known as

  1. Vent
  2. Cone
  3. Pipe
  4. Crater
MCQ 40:

At the same subduction zone, magma may erupt onto the Earth's surface as

  1. rocks
  2. stones
  3. lava
  4. ocean bed

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Volcanic Eruptions App (Android & iOS)

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