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The Book Plate tectonics MCQ Questions and Answers, plate tectonics trivia questions with answers PDF 4 to download online courses, class 8 geography tests. Solve Plate Tectonics and Movement MCQs, plate tectonics quiz questions and answers for school certificate. The App Plate Tectonics Tests e-Book PDF Download: plate tectonics and movement, continental plates, earth internal structure test prep for school certificate.

The MCQ Quiz: The Divergent Plate Movement of the African Plate and American Plate will cause the Atlantic Ocean to PDF, "Plate Tectonics Tests" App APK Download with get shallower, shrink, deepen, and expand choices for school certificate. Practice plate tectonics and movement quiz questions, download Kindle eBook (Free Sample) for online degrees.

Class 8 Geography: Plate Tectonics MCQ Questions PDF Download

MCQ: The Divergent Plate Movement of the African Plate and American Plate will cause the Atlantic Ocean to

A) shrink
B) get shallower
C) deepen
D) expand

MCQ: Extreme heat from within the Earth creates convection current within the

A) crust
B) mantle
C) core
D) plates

MCQ: The process of collision of two plates with different densities is known as

A) Abduction
B) Subduction
C) Prediction
D) Production

MCQ: When two Continental Plates with same density, collide with one another,

A) collision takes place
B) earthquake takes place
C) transformation takes place
D) folding takes place

MCQ: The average temperature of the core of Earth is

A) 1000°C
B) 2000°C
C) 3000°C
D) 4000°C

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