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Arithmetical Problems and Percentages Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook

Solve Arithmetical problems and percentages worksheets with answers, arithmetical problems and percentages trivia questions with answers PDF to practice 6th grade math worksheet 4 for online learning. Practice Discount Calculations MCQs, arithmetical problems and percentages quiz questions and answers for distance learning. "Arithmetical Problems and Percentages Test" PDF book: increasing decreasing quantities, commission calculations, expressing quantities and percentage, tax calculations test prep for virtual elementary school.

"The number if decreased by 25% becomes 150. The original number before decrease was" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on arithmetical problems and percentages with choices 220, 240, 230, and 200 for distance learning. Solve discount calculations quiz questions for school certificate programs for online schools.

Arithmetical Problems and Percentages MCQs Quiz 4 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The number if decreased by 25% becomes 150. The original number before decrease was

  1. 240
  2. 220
  3. 230
  4. 200


MCQ: In month of July, an estate agent gets a commission of $200 on his sale of apartment. He sells another apartment for $150 000 and gets a commission of 4.5%. The total commission an agent gets is

  1. $6,950
  2. $6,540
  3. $6,705
  4. $5,960


MCQ: The 58% of 450 liter is

  1. 285 liter
  2. 261 liter
  3. 275 liter
  4. 280 liter


MCQ: An increment of 6% is offered to employees in the company. If monthly salary of Mary after increment is $1860 then her original monthly salary before income is

  1. $1,557
  2. $1,875
  3. $1,755
  4. $1,785


MCQ: The total amount of money a buyer has to pay if he bought an antique article marked at $500 with a 15% value-added tax imposed on it is

  1. $630
  2. $614
  3. $620
  4. $575