Climate and Natural Vegetation Questions and Answers 18 PDF Download

Climate and natural vegetation quiz questions and answers, climate and natural vegetation trivia questions PDF to practice grade 6 geography test 18 for online learning. Practice "Earth Main Ecosystems" MCQs, climate and natural vegetation quiz questions and answers for online courses. Learn earth main ecosystems, tropical grasslands, temperate grasslands test prep for online classes.

"The subdivisions of each biome on the basis of latitude includes" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on climate and natural vegetation with choices temperate deciduous forests, tropical rainforests, coniferous forests, and all of above for online courses. Free geography study guide for online learning earth main ecosystems quiz questions for free online courses.

Climate and Natural Vegetation MCQs Quiz 18 PDF Download

MCQ: The subdivisions of each biome on the basis of latitude includes

  1. tropical rainforests
  2. temperate deciduous forests
  3. coniferous forests
  4. all of above


MCQ: The root system of trees in temperate deciduous forests is

  1. buttress root system
  2. dormant root system
  3. shallow root system
  4. deep root system


MCQ: The height of grasses in tropical grasslands is below

  1. above than 2 meters
  2. below than 1 meter
  3. below than 2 meters
  4. above than 1 meter


MCQ: The areas in which temperate grasslands are found are

  1. Myanmar and Bangladesh
  2. Brazil and Venezuela
  3. central Asia and Australia
  4. China and Japan


MCQ: The temperate grasslands in South America are known as

  1. pampas
  2. prairies
  3. steppes
  4. vied