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The Land Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF Download - 1

The Book The land Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), the land quiz answers PDF 1 to study online courses, class 7 geography tests. Practice Maximizing Available Land MCQs, the land quiz questions and answers for free online classes. The App The Land MCQ eBook PDF Download: maximizing available land, land supply, rising demand for land test prep for online school courses.

The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ Quiz): The term used for the buildings that are build close to one another for reducing usage of land is called PDF, "The Land" App Download (Free) with increasing capita space, decreasing capita space, increasing density, and decreasing density choices for free online classes. Solve maximizing available land quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for online elementary school classes.

Class 7 Geography: The Land MCQs Questions PDF Download

MCQ: The term used for the buildings that are build close to one another for reducing usage of land is called

A) decreasing capita space
B) increasing capita space
C) increasing density
D) decreasing density

MCQ: The land area which can be used for farming is called

A) catchment land
B) derelict land
C) reclaimable land
D) arable land

MCQ: The intensive cultivation on land by which soil fertility is destroyed and lost is called

A) desertification of land
B) cloud seeding of land
C) catchment of land
D) over cultivation of land

MCQ: The percentage of land which is habitable and arable is

A) 10%
B) 12%
C) 30%
D) 50%

MCQ: The name of plant which can be used as biofuel is

A) Jatropha Curcas plant
B) Cactus
C) Alnus glutinosa
D) Maclura pomifera

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