Climate and Natural Vegetation Multiple Choice Questions 17 PDF Download

Climate and natural vegetation MCQ questions and answers, climate and natural vegetation quiz answers PDF to practice grade 6 geography test 17 for online classes. Practice "Earth Main Ecosystems" Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), climate and natural vegetation quiz questions and answers for online schools. Learn earth main ecosystems test prep for online elementary school courses.

"The season in which the shrub layer grows rapidly in temperate deciduous forests is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on climate and natural vegetation with choices autumn, spring, winter, and summer for online schools. Free geography study guide for online learning earth main ecosystems quiz questions for online courses.

Climate and Natural Vegetation MCQs Quiz 17 PDF Download

MCQ: The season in which the shrub layer grows rapidly in temperate deciduous forests is

  1. spring
  2. autumn
  3. winter
  4. summer


MCQ: The areas of cold tundra vegetation have

  1. low annual temperature
  2. high annual temperature
  3. high annual rainfall
  4. both a and b


MCQ: The effect of dry season on plants in Savannas is that the

  1. reduction of moisture
  2. grasses become frozen
  3. grasses flourish
  4. grasses become parched


MCQ: The plants found in undergrowth layer of rainforest are

  1. birch and maple
  2. epiphytes and lianas
  3. beech and oak
  4. mosses and ferns


MCQ: The areas in which temperate deciduous forests are found includes

  1. Bangladesh, China and Myanmar
  2. Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia
  3. Brazil, Bangladesh and Myanmar
  4. China, Australia and Japan