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Internal Structure of Earth Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 1

Practice Internal structure of earth multiple choice questions and answers PDF, internal structure of earth MCQ worksheets with answers key to solve 7th grade geography worksheet 1 for online courses. Practice "Earth Crust" MCQs, internal structure of earth quiz questions and answers for elementary school graduation certificate. Learn earth crust, earth core, interior of earth test prep for online school and college.

"The minimum thickness of crust under the oceans is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on internal structure of earth with choices 2 km, 8 km, 5 km, and 10 km for elementary school graduation certificate. Solve earth crust quiz questions for school certificate programs for distance education.

Internal Structure of Earth MCQs Quiz 1 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The minimum thickness of crust under the oceans is

  1. 8 km
  2. 2 km
  3. 5 km
  4. 10 km


MCQ: The inner core of the Earth is made up of

  1. copper
  2. iron
  3. nickel-iron alloy
  4. platinum


MCQ: The division of cores of the Earth includes

  1. inner core
  2. tectonic core
  3. outer core
  4. both a and c


MCQ: The theory which states that the plates of earth are continuously moving is classified as

  1. The Trench Drift Theory
  2. The Sphere Drift Theory
  3. The Continental Drift Theory
  4. The Oceanic Drift Theory


MCQ: The outermost layer of the Earth is

  1. asthenosphere
  2. crust
  3. trench
  4. ridge