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Learn Earth landforms Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), earth landforms quiz answers PDF to study grade 6 geography course test 1 for online courses. Types of Landforms MCQs, earth landforms quiz questions and answers for online elementary school. Earth Landforms Book PDF: types of landforms test prep for school certificate.

"The number of mountains in Tibetan Plateau whose height are more than 8,000 meters are" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz): earth landforms App APK with 18, 20, 14, and 16 choices for online elementary school. Practice types of landforms quiz questions for school certificate programs for online certifications.

MCQs on Earth Landforms Quiz

MCQ: The number of mountains in Tibetan Plateau whose height are more than 8,000 meters are


MCQ: The highest mountain of the world is

Mount Everest
Mount Fuji
Mount Vesuvius

MCQ: The steep-walled valleys having narrow depressions and are cut by the streams and rivers are called

V-shaped valleys
U-shaped valleys

MCQ: The average height of The Tibetan Plateau is of

7200 meters
5000 meters
6500 meters
7000 meters

MCQ: The long depression which is surrounded by the high grounds is classified as


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