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What is Verb Trivia Questions & Answers PDF Download - 8

The Book What is verb Trivia Questions, what is verb Quiz with Answers PDF download, e-Book Ch. 6-8 for online learning. Practice Verbs MCQs, what is verb quiz questions and answers to learn online school courses. What is Verb MCQ PDF: verbs test prep for free online courses.

The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ Quiz): He ___________ the football. PDF, "what is verb Quiz" App APK (Free) with choices kicked, kick, kicks, and kicking to learn online school courses. Solve verbs quiz questions for school certificate programs for free online courses.

What is Verb Quizzes PDF Download: English Test 8

MCQ 36:

He ___________ the football.

  1. kick
  2. kicked
  3. kicks
  4. kicking
MCQ 37:

I wish, I ___________ rich.

  1. were
  2. being
  3. is
  4. are
MCQ 38:

Simon and Paul ___________ watching T.V., when I reached home.

  1. was
  2. were
  3. are
  4. is
MCQ 39:

She ___________ me about him, but I was not listening.

  1. telling
  2. tells
  3. tell
  4. told
MCQ 40:

She has been ___________ a report on issue.

  1. writes
  2. wrote
  3. written
  4. writing

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