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Chapter 3: Class 6 English Exam Tests

Class 6 English MCQs - Chapter 3

Noun Exercises Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 3

The Book Noun exercises Quiz Questions, noun exercises Quiz with Answers PDF download, e-Book Ch. 3-3 for online certificates. Practice Nouns MCQs, noun exercises quiz questions and answers to study online classes courses. Noun Exercises Quiz PDF: nouns test prep for online school and college.

The MCQ Quiz: We need peace in our state. (Which word is an abstract noun?) PDF, "noun exercises MCQs" App (iOS & Android) with choices peace, state, need, and our to study online classes courses. Solve nouns quiz questions for school certificate programs for distance education.

Noun Exercises MCQs PDF Download: English Quiz 3

MCQ 11:

We need peace in our state. (Which word is an abstract noun?)

  1. state
  2. peace
  3. need
  4. our
MCQ 12:

What a great idea! He cried. (Which word is a countable noun?)

  1. great
  2. what
  3. cried
  4. idea
MCQ 13:

Can you give me some advice? (Which word is an uncountable noun?)

  1. some
  2. give
  3. you
  4. advice
MCQ 14:

Children broke the window pane. (Which word is a plural noun?)

  1. broke
  2. window pane
  3. children
  4. the
MCQ 15:

Where was Sara? Did you see her? (Which word is a proper noun?)

  1. Was
  2. where
  3. Sara
  4. see

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