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Sound Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF p. 13

Practice Sound multiple choice questions and answers, sound quiz answers PDF to solve grade 10 physics worksheet 13 for online courses. Practice Speed of Sound MCQs, sound quiz questions and answers for school certificate. Sound MCQ PDF: speed of sound, ultrasound, physics: sound waves, characteristics of sound test prep for school certificate.

"The speed of sound in the liquid is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on sound with choices 3 times that in gas, 2 times that in gas, 5 times that in gas, and 8 times that in gas for school certificate. Solve speed of sound quiz questions for school certificate programs for online degrees.

MCQs on Sound Quiz

MCQ: The speed of sound in the liquid is

2 times that in gas
3 times that in gas
5 times that in gas
8 times that in gas

MCQ: Ultrasonic waves carry more

energy only
frequency only
energy and frequency

MCQ: The sound waves travel from its source by

vibrations in wires or strings
electromagnetic wave
infrared wave
changes in air pressure

MCQ: The difference between the loudness (L) of an unknown sound and the loudness Lo is known as

intensity level of the unknown sound
intensity level of the known sound
quality of sound
pitch of sound

MCQ: The wavelength of ultrasonic waves is

more than audible sound
less than audible sound
equal to audible sound
greater than light wave