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Learn Sound multiple choice questions and answers, sound quiz answers PDF to learn grade 10 physics test 1 for online courses. Sound and Sound Waves MCQs, sound quiz questions and answers for online school classes. "Sound MCQ" PDF Book: sound and sound waves, physics: sound waves, characteristics of sound, reflection (echo) test prep for online schools.

"The human ear responds to intensities in range" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on sound with choices 15wm-2 to 18wm-2, 10-12wm-2 to 1wm-2, 108wm-2 to 2wm-2, and 10-3wm-1 to 10-6wm-1 for online school classes. Practice sound and sound waves quiz questions for school certificate programs for high school graduation certificate.

MCQs on Sound Quiz

MCQ: The human ear responds to intensities in range

10-12Wm-2 to 1Wm-2
15Wm-2 to 18Wm-2
108Wm-2 to 2Wm-2
10-3Wm-1 to 10-6Wm-1

MCQ: Sound waves are produced by

linear motion
circular motion
vibrating bodies
transitional motion

MCQ: The loudness of sound varies directly with the vibrating body's


MCQ: The sensation of sound persists in our brain for about


MCQ: Sound energy passing per second through a unit area held perpendicular is called


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