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Environmental Chemistry I Atmosphere Questions and Answers 12 PDF Download eBook

Environmental chemistry i atmosphere quiz questions and answers, environmental chemistry i atmosphere trivia questions PDF to practice grade 10 chemistry test 12 for online learning. Practice "Air Pollution" MCQs, environmental chemistry i atmosphere quiz questions and answers for free online courses. Learn air pollution, layers of atmosphere, composition of atmosphere test prep for virtual high school.

"What is the term used for the area in which the amount of ozone has been reduced?" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on environmental chemistry i atmosphere with choices worm hole, black hole, ozone hole, and red hole for free online courses. Free chemistry study guide for online learning air pollution quiz questions for online schools.

Environmental Chemistry I Atmosphere MCQs Quiz 12 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: What is the term used for the area in which the amount of ozone has been reduced?

  1. black hole
  2. worm hole
  3. ozone hole
  4. red hole


MCQ: Height of mesosphere is

  1. 0-12 Km
  2. 12-50 Km
  3. 50-80 Km
  4. above 80 Km


MCQ: Percentage of methane in the air is

  1. 0
  2. 0
  3. 0
  4. 0


MCQ: A waste treatment process in which solid waste is burned at high temperature is called

  1. combustion
  2. incineration
  3. oxidation
  4. reduction


MCQ: Which of the following is the first layer of atmosphere as one moves upwards from the Earth's surface?

  1. troposphere
  2. stratosphere
  3. mesosphere
  4. thermosphere