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Learn Environmental chemistry i atmosphere MCQ with answers, environmental chemistry i atmosphere quiz questions with answers PDF to solve grade 10 chemistry MCQ bank 2 for online classes. Layers of Atmosphere Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), environmental chemistry i atmosphere quiz questions and answers for online education. "Environmental Chemistry I Atmosphere" MCQs PDF: layers of atmosphere, chemistry mcqs for class 10, air pollution test prep for taking online classes.

"The outer layer of the thermosphere is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on environmental chemistry i atmosphere with choices exosphere, ionosphere, mesosphere, and stratosphere for online education. Solve layers of atmosphere quiz questions for school certificate programs for online school and college.

MCQs on Environmental Chemistry I Atmosphere

MCQ: The outer layer of the thermosphere is


MCQ: Minimum temperature of the troposphere is

17 °C
−55 °C
−5 °C
1800 °C

MCQ: The temperature of the outer mesosphere is

93 °C
−93 °C
;5 °C
−5 °C

MCQ: If silk clothes are left in the open air for a week or so, their color fades because of

sulphur dioxide is converted into sulphur trioxide
carbon monoxide
nitrogen oxides

MCQ: Height of thermosphere is

50 Km
80 Km
above 80 Km
30 Km