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Chemistry Organic Compounds MCQ with Answers PDF

Chemistry organic compounds Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve chemistry organic compounds quiz answers PDF worksheet, 10th grade chemistry test for online courses. Practice organic chemistry Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Chemistry Organic Compounds quiz questions PDF for free online classes. Chemistry Organic Compounds MCQs PDF: chemistry: organic compounds, classification of organic compounds test prep for online school courses.

"The rate of reaction of organic compounds is slow due to" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on chemistry: organic compounds with choices ionic bonding, amphoteric nature, covalent bonding, and coordinate covalent bonding for free online classes. Solve organic chemistry quiz questions for online certificate programs for online high school classes.

MCQs on Chemistry Organic Compounds

MCQ: The rate of reaction of organic compounds is slow due to

ionic bonding
amphoteric nature
covalent bonding
coordinate covalent bonding

MCQ: In naming alkane the stem tells about the number of

hydrogen atoms
oxygen atoms
carbon atoms

MCQ: The self-linking ability of carbon is called


MCQ: Almost 95% of compounds are of carbon because they can form

single bonds
double bonds
triple bonds
multiple bonds

MCQ: As the number of carbon atoms increases, the number of possible isomers

remains same
becomes zero