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Kidney Disease MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Solve Kidney disease Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), kidney disease quiz answers PDF worksheet, grade 10 biology practice test for online courses. Learn homeostasis Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Kidney Disease" quiz questions and answers for free online courses. Learn human urinary system, human kidney, kidney disease test prep for distance learning.

"The kidney dialysis and kidney transplant are the two treatments for" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on mineral nutrition in plants with choices misbalance in glomerular filtrate, kidney failure, kidney stones, and misbalance of osmoregulation for free online courses. Practice homeostasis quiz questions for online certificate programs for online certificate courses.

MCQs on Kidney Disease PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The kidney dialysis and kidney transplant are the two treatments for

  1. misbalance in glomerular filtrate
  2. kidney failure
  3. kidney stones
  4. misbalance of osmoregulation


MCQ: The causes of kidney failures are

  1. diabetes only
  2. hypertension only
  3. weight gain
  4. diabetes and hypertension


MCQ: The method of the removal of kidney stones in which non-electrical shock waves are bombarded on stones is classified as

  1. angioplasty
  2. lithotripsy
  3. endoscopy
  4. angiography


MCQ: Considering kidney dialysis, the space around the gut is known as

  1. peritoneal cavity
  2. abdominal cavity
  3. renal cavity
  4. vertebral cavity


MCQ: The kind of dialysis in which blood of the patient is pumped through dialyzer is classified as

  1. hypotonic dialysis
  2. peritoneal dialysis
  3. abdominal dialysis
  4. hemodialysis