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Practice Human receptors Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve human receptors quiz answers PDF to learn 10th grade biology online course. Coordination and Control Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Human Receptors quiz questions PDF for online degrees. "Human Receptors MCQ" PDF Book: coordination, endocrine system test prep for online learning.

"When the iris muscles of the eye contracts, the pupil constricts in" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on human receptors with choices dim light, bright light, green colored light, and red colored light for online degrees. Learn coordination and control quiz questions for online certificate programs for online high school courses.

MCQs on Human Receptors

MCQ: When the iris muscles of the eye contracts, the pupil constricts in

dim light
bright light
green colored light
red colored light

MCQ: The pigment present in the rods located in the retina is called

vitreous fovea
aqueous fovea

MCQ: Considering the inability of day time blindness, the owl can see at night because of the presence of


MCQ: The external part of the ear which is covered with skin and made up of cartilage is called

auditory canal
ear drum

MCQ: The person suffering from the long sight disorder is not able to see the

distant objects clearly
near objects clearly
blue objects clearly
red objects clearly