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Thermionic Emission MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The Book Thermionic emission Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), thermionic emission quiz answers PDF to learn online courses, 10th grade physics tests. Practice Basic Electronics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Thermionic Emission quiz questions PDF for online learning. The e-Book Thermionic Emission MCQ App Download: thermionic emission, basic operations of logical gates, and operation, investigating properties of electrons test prep for online school classes.

The MCQ: The process of emission of electrons from the hot metal surfaces is called PDF, "Thermionic Emission" App Download (Free) with plastic emission, thermionic emission, static emission, and current emission choices for online learning. Solve basic electronics quiz questions , download Google eBook (Free Sample) for online learning.

Chapter 2 MCQs: Thermionic Emission Quiz

MCQ: The process of emission of electrons from the hot metal surfaces is called

A) plastic emission
B) thermionic emission
C) static emission
D) current emission

MCQ: The process of emission of electrons from hot metal surface is called

A) electronic emission
B) thermionic emission
C) electron capture
D) proton loss

MCQ: The particles emitted from hot cathode surface are

A) negative ions
B) positive ions
C) protons
D) electrons

MCQ: The cathode rays carry

A) positive charge
B) neutral
C) negative charge
D) positrons

MCQ: At room temperature, the electron cannot escape metal surface due to

A) attractive forces of nucleus
B) repulsive forces of electrons
C) repulsive forces of nucleus
D) pulling force of protons

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