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Practice Multiplicative inverse Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve multiplicative inverse quiz answers PDF to learn 10th grade math online course. Matrices and Determinants Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Multiplicative Inverse quiz questions PDF for online classes. "Multiplicative Inverse MCQ" PDF Book: multiplicative inverse of matrix, types of matrices, solution of simultaneous linear equations, addition and subtraction of matrices test prep for online certifications.

"If ‘a’ is a real number, then a−1 is said to be" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on multiplicative inverse with choices inverse of a, identity of a, transpose of a, and determinant of a for online classes. Learn matrices and determinants quiz questions for online certificate programs for distance education.

MCQs on Multiplicative Inverse

MCQ: If ‘a’ is a real number, then a−1 is said to be

inverse of a
identity of a
transpose of a
determinant of a

MCQ: In matrices (AB)−1 equals to

A−1 B−1
B - 1 A - 1