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The Book Kinematics MCQ Questions and Answers, kinematics trivia questions with answers PDF 8 to download online courses, class 9 physics tests. Solve Terms Associated with Motion MCQs, kinematics quiz questions and answers for online secondary school classes. The App Kinematics Tests eBook PDF Download: terms associated with motion, types of motion, motion of free falling bodies, motion key terms test prep for virtual online school.

The MCQ Quiz: The shortest distance between 2 points which also has direction and magnitude is termed as PDF, "Kinematics" App APK Download with velocity, position, displacement, and distance choices for online secondary school classes. Practice terms associated with motion quiz questions, download Kindle eBook (Free Sample) for school certificate.

Class 9 Physics: Kinematics MCQ Questions PDF Download

MCQ: The shortest distance between 2 points which also has direction and magnitude is termed as

A) position
B) velocity
C) displacement
D) distance

MCQ: In terms of velocity, the symbol vf is used for

A) final velocity
B) initial velocity
C) negative velocity
D) total velocity

MCQ: Motion of riders in Ferris wheel is

A) rotatory
B) translational
C) spin
D) circulatory

MCQ: The height of tower when stone dropped from it reaches ground in 5 s is

A) 130 m
B) 125 m
C) 150 m
D) 200 m

MCQ: Negative acceleration is called

A) friction
B) retardation
C) uniform acceleration
D) variable acceleration

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