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Matrices and Determinants Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook - 4

Solve Matrices and determinants worksheet with answers PDF, matrices and determinants trivia worksheets with answers key to practice grade 9 9th grade math worksheet 4 for online learning. Practice Types of Matrices MCQs, matrices and determinants quiz questions and answers for taking online classes. Learn multiplicative inverse of matrix, matrix, types of matrices, matrices: addition and subtraction test prep for online learning.

"If determinant of a matrix is not equal to zero, then it is said to be" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on matrices and determinants with choices square matrix, non-singular matrix, singular matrix, and identical matrix for taking online classes. Solve types of matrices quiz questions for school certificate programs for distance learning.

Matrices and Determinants MCQs Quiz 4 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: If determinant of a matrix is not equal to zero, then it is said to be

  1. non-singular matrix
  2. square matrix
  3. singular matrix
  4. identical matrix


MCQ: If two matrices A and B have the same order and their corresponding elements are equal then it is called

  1. matrix equality
  2. rectangular matrix
  3. square matrix
  4. identical matrix


MCQ: A matrix with only 1 column is called

  1. column matrix
  2. row matrix
  3. identical matrix
  4. square matrix


MCQ: A scalar is denoted by

  1. n
  2. k
  3. r
  4. a


MCQ: If a matrix ‘A’ has ‘m’ number of columns and ‘n’ number of rows then m × n is said to be

  1. transpose of a matrix
  2. order of a matrix
  3. determinant of a matrix
  4. equality of a matrix