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Enzymes Quiz Answers PDF Download - 7

The Book Enzymes Quiz Questions and Answers, enzymes MCQ questions with answers PDF 7 to study online courses, grade 9 biology tests. Practice Rate of Enzyme Action MCQs, enzymes quiz questions and answers for online certifications. The e-Book Enzymes Quiz App Download: rate of enzyme action, mechanism of enzyme action, characteristics of enzymes test prep for online teaching certification programs.

The Quiz: The low pH in which pepsin works is considered as PDF, "Enzymes" App iOS & Android (Free) with synthetic medium, nuclear medium, acidic medium, and alkaline medium choices for online certifications. Study rate of enzyme action quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online study.

Chapter 6 MCQs: Enzymes Questions and Answers

MCQ: The low pH in which pepsin works is considered as

A) nuclear medium
B) synthetic medium
C) acidic medium
D) alkaline medium

MCQ: The reactions are catalyzed by

A) nitrogen
B) potassium
C) enzyme
D) magnesium

MCQ: In the brewing industry, the enzymes break

A) proteins and sugars
B) proteins and starch
C) proteins and ammonia
D) proteins and alcohol

MCQ: The trypsin enzymes work in

A) pancreas
B) buccal cavity
C) large intestine
D) small intestine

MCQ: The enzymes that are used to remove protein stains from the clothes are called

A) protease enzymes
B) amylase enzymes
C) nucleated enzymes
D) coenzymes

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