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Volcanic Eruptions MCQ Quiz Online p. 4

Solve Volcanic eruptions quiz questions and answers PDF, volcanic eruptions trivia questions with answers to learn grade 8 geography worksheet 4 for courses online. Volcanism MCQs, volcanic eruptions quiz questions and answers for free online courses. "Volcanic Eruptions Quiz" PDF eBook: volcanism, volcanoes test prep for online education.

"Volcanoes that haven't erupted in historic times are known as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on volcanic eruptions with choices dormant volcanoes, active volcanoes, extinct volcanoes, and instinct volcanoes for free online courses. Study volcanism quiz questions for school certificate programs for free online classes.

MCQs on Volcanic Eruptions Quiz

MCQ: Volcanoes that haven't erupted in historic times are known as

Active volcanoes
Dormant volcanoes
Extinct volcanoes
Instinct volcanoes

MCQ: The layers of volcanic materials that build up around the vent to form a cone-shaped structure are known as


MCQ: As the crustal plate moves, it carries along the volcano which becomes


MCQ: The volcanism that takes place at the constructive plate boundary on the ocean floor is known as

Underwater volcanism
Volcanism at Destructive plate boundary
Volcanism at hotspot
Earthquake Volcanism

MCQ: Compared to acid lava, the basic lava travels

more after it solidifies
less after it solidifies
more before it solidifies
less before it solidifies

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