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Sound Waves Trivia Questions and Answers PDF - 4

The Sound waves Trivia Questions and Answers PDF, sound waves Quiz Answers PDF Download e-Book Ch. 23-4 to study Grade 7 Science Course. Practice Ultrasound MCQ PDF, Sound Waves Quiz Questions and Answers to study online homeschool courses. The Sound Waves Trivia App Download: Free certification app for ultrasound, musical instruments, speed of sound, sound waves and noise test prep for online elementary school classes.

The Trivia Quiz: 'Ultrasound' is a reflection of; "Sound Waves" App APK Download with answers: Hard tissues only; Soft tissues only; Both soft and hard tissues; Hard muscles only; to study online homeschool courses. Practice Ultrasound MCQ Questions, download Kindle eBook (Free Sample) for online education.

Sound Waves Questions & Answers PDF Download: MCQ Quiz 4

MCQ 16:

'Ultrasound' is a reflection of

  1. soft tissues only
  2. hard tissues only
  3. both soft and hard tissues
  4. hard muscles only
MCQ 17:

Three main types of musical instruments are

  1. guitar, violin and piano
  2. drum, guitar and piano
  3. stringed instrument, wind instrument and percussion instrument
  4. stringed instrument, wind instrument and beat n bass instrument
MCQ 18:

Sound loses more energy in

  1. air
  2. vacuum
  3. liquid
  4. solid
MCQ 19:

The note also depends on

  1. diameter of the drum
  2. thickness of string
  3. tension of string
  4. distance of wind holes
MCQ 20:

The level of sound of normal conversation is

  1. 10 dB
  2. 20 dB
  3. 50 dB
  4. 60 dB

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