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Elements and Compounds Quiz Answers PDF Download - 3

The Book Elements and compounds Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, elements and compounds MCQ questions, test 3 to study online class 7 science distance learning course. Download Properties of Compound MCQs PDF, elements and compounds quiz questions and answers for online certificate courses. The eBook Elements and Compounds Quiz App Download: properties of compound, uses of elements, what is element, compound formation test prep for online elementary school classes.

The Quiz: When iron and sulphur are mixed together at room temperature there is lack of PDF, "Elements and Compounds" App iOS & Android (Free) with production of new product, reaction, mixed reaction, and both a and b choices for online certificate courses. Study properties of compound quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for distance learning.

Class 7 Science: Elements and Compounds Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: When iron and sulphur are mixed together at room temperature there is lack of

A) reaction
B) production of new product
C) mixed reaction
D) both a and b

MCQ: Due to temperature sensitivity the element which is filled in thermometer, is

A) mercury
B) copper
C) helium
D) oxygen

MCQ: Heating, exposing to light or passing electricity will only let to decompose

A) element
B) compound
C) mixture
D) liquid

MCQ: A substance which cannot be broken into further simpler substance by any chemical reaction is called

A) element
B) compound
C) mixture
D) solution

MCQ: Nitric acid is combined with oxygen to produce brown fume of

A) nitrogen oxide
B) nitrogen dioxide
C) carbon dioxide
D) nitrogen

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