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Atoms and Atom Model MCQ with Answers PDF Download - 32

The e-Book Atoms and atom model MCQ Questions and Answers, atoms and atom model trivia questions with answers PDF 32 to download online courses, class 7 science tests. Solve Electron Levels MCQs, atoms and atom model quiz questions and answers for free online classes. The e-Book "Atoms and Atom Model Tests" App Download: electron levels, atom structure, uses of radioisotopes, ionic bonds test prep for online certifications.

The MCQ Quiz "The number and arrangement of electrons in an atom are important because it controls" PDF, Atoms and Atom Model App APK Download with the chemical properties of atom, the physical properties of atom, the size of atom, and all of above choices for free online classes. Practice electron levels quiz questions, download Kindle eBook (Free Sample) for online elementary school courses.

Class 7 Science: Atoms and Atom Model MCQ Questions PDF Download

MCQ: The number and arrangement of electrons in an atom are important because it controls

A) the physical properties of atom
B) the chemical properties of atom
C) the size of atom
D) all of above

MCQ: The particles which have equal mass are

A) protons and electrons
B) protons and neutrons
C) neutrons and electrons
D) photons and protons

MCQ: The rays that can penetrate into metal are

A) x-rays
B) ultra violet rays
C) gamma rays
D) radio waves

MCQ: The symbol of 'neon gas' is

A) Ne
B) Na
C) N
D) Mg

MCQ: At room temperature, ionic bonds are

A) gas
B) solids
C) liquids
D) semi solids

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