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Learn Environmental chemistry ii water Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), environmental chemistry ii water quiz answers PDF to study grade 10 chemistry course test 1 for online courses. Properties of Water MCQs, environmental chemistry ii water quiz questions and answers for online high school classes. Environmental Chemistry II Water Book PDF: properties of water, water pollution, types of hardness of water test prep for distance learning.

"The ratio of hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) in water molecule by volume is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz): environmental chemistry ii water App APK with 0.043055556, 0.084027778, 0.125694444, and 0.167361111 choices for online high school classes. Practice properties of water quiz questions for school certificate programs for online courses.

MCQs on Environmental Chemistry II Water Quiz

MCQ: The ratio of hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) in water molecule by volume is


MCQ: What is the fourth step of raw water treatment?


MCQ: The hardness that cannot be removed by boiling is called

temporary hardness
permanent hardness
semi temporary hardness
semi permanent hardness

MCQ: The density of water becomes maximum at

10 °C
4 °C
5 °C
12 °C

MCQ: Step of sewage water treatment in which sewage is placed in tanks and aerated with large blowers is called

primary sewage treatment
secondary sewage treatment
activated sludge treatment

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