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Chemical Equilibrium Quiz Answers PDF Download - 3

The Book Chemical equilibrium Quiz Questions and Answers, chemical equilibrium Quiz Answers PDF, test 3 to study online class 10 chemistry degree courses. Download Law of Mass Action and Derivation of Expression MCQs PDF, chemical equilibrium quiz questions and answers for distance learning. The e-Book Chemical Equilibrium Quiz App Download: law of mass action and derivation of expression, importance of equilibrium constant, equilibrium constant basics, reversible reactions and dynamic equilibrium test prep for free online courses.

The Quiz: The relationship by which the values that relate amounts of products to reactants at equilibrium can be determined is called PDF, "Chemical Equilibrium" App iOS & Android (Free) with law of chemical reactions, law of conservation of mass, law of mass action, and active mass choices for distance learning. Study law of mass action and derivation of expression quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online education programs.

Class 10 Chemistry Quiz: Chemical Equilibrium MCQs PDF Download - 3

MCQ: The relationship by which the values that relate amounts of products to reactants at equilibrium can be determined is called

A) law of conservation of mass
B) law of chemical reactions
C) law of mass action
D) active mass

MCQ: The term "active mass" shows the concentration of reactants and products in

A) for a dilute solution
B) for a dilute solution
C) for a concentrated solution
D) for a concentrated solution

MCQ: The equilibrium constant can be used to determine the equilibrium concentration of equilibrium mixture knowing the

A) final concentration of products
B) final concentration of reactants
C) initial concentration of reactants
D) initial concentration of products

MCQ: When diluting acid always add

A) water to acid
B) acid to water
C) acid to oxygen
D) hydrogen to acid

MCQ: The state at which forward and reverse reactions occur at the same rate is

A) equilibrium
B) unstable equilibrium
C) not in equilibrium
D) neutral equilibrium

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