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Study Biochemistry quiz questions and answers, biochemistry MCQ questions with answers PDF to study grade 10 chemistry course test 35 for online classes. Proteins MCQs, biochemistry quiz questions and answers for online certificate courses. Biochemistry Book PDF: proteins, lipids, vitamins test prep for online high school classes.

"Proteins work in the body to" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz): biochemistry App APK with speed up reactions, transport and store oxygen and nutrients, regulate important systems, and all of above choices for online certificate courses. Learn proteins quiz questions for school certificate programs for distance learning.

Biochemistry Questions and Answers

MCQ: Proteins work in the body to

transport and store oxygen and nutrients
speed up reactions
regulate important systems
all of above

MCQ: As compared to the energy provided by carbohydrates, how much energy per gram is provided by fats and oils?

four times
five times

MCQ: Important sources of proteins are

all of above

MCQ: Which of the following must be present in our diet?

essential amino acids
non-essential amino acids

MCQ: Which of the following is a group of several vitamins?

vitamin A
vitamin B
vitamin C
vitamin D

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