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Learn Benthic environment Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice benthic environment quiz answers PDF to study online earth science course. Oceans Exploration Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Benthic Environment quiz questions PDF for virtual elementary school. "Benthic Environment MCQ" PDF eBook: ocean pollution, three groups of marine life, benthic environment test prep for online education programs.

"The zone which included volume of water of entire ocean floor excluding continental shift is the" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on benthic environment with choices abyssal zone, hadal zone, neritic zone, and oceanic zone for virtual elementary school. Study oceans exploration quiz questions for online certificate programs for online education.

MCQs on Benthic Environment

MCQ: The zone which included volume of water of entire ocean floor excluding continental shift is the

abyssal zone
hadal zone
neritic zone
oceanic zone

MCQ: A zone which covers the continental shelf is called

benthic environment
pelagic environment
neritic zone
oceanic zone

MCQ: Hot water vents in abyssal zone are regarded as

black vents
black smokers
hot vents

MCQ: At the end of lower-tide limit a new zone begins named as

bathal zone
intertidal zone
sub littoral zone
abyssal zone

MCQ: The area which is near bottom of lake, ocean or pond is called

benthic environment

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