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Grade 10 Chemistry Test MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Solve Grade 10 chemistry test Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), grade 10 chemistry test quiz answers PDF worksheet, grade 10 chemistry practice test for online courses. Learn environmental chemistry i atmosphere Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Grade 10 Chemistry Test" quiz questions and answers for virtual high school. Learn air pollution, environmental issues, layers of atmosphere, grade 10 chemistry test test prep for online schools.

"Which of the following makes up most of the air?" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on elements and compounds particles with choices nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and helium for virtual high school. Practice environmental chemistry i atmosphere quiz questions for online certificate programs for online high school classes.

MCQs on Grade 10 Chemistry Test PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Which of the following makes up most of the air?

  1. nitrogen
  2. oxygen
  3. carbon dioxide
  4. helium


MCQ: Substances that react with both acids and bases are called

  1. Lewis acids
  2. amphoteric substances
  3. salts
  4. Lewis bases


MCQ: Alkanes that contain 5 to 17 atoms are in

  1. solid state
  2. liquid state
  3. gaseous state
  4. plasma state


MCQ: Which of the following is a pentahydroxy aldehyde?

  1. glucose
  2. fructose
  3. glycogen
  4. starch


MCQ: Sugars which rotate the plane of polarized light in a clockwise direction are called

  1. lactose sugars
  2. complex sugars
  3. dextrose sugars
  4. simple sugars