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Solar System Sun MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The Book Solar system sun Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), solar system sun quiz answers PDF to learn online courses, 7th grade science tests. Practice Investigating Space Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Solar System Sun quiz questions PDF for distance learning. The App Solar System Sun MCQ e-Book PDF Download: radio telescopes, space stars, telescopes test prep for online classes.

The MCQ: Name of the American space probe is PDF, "Solar System: Sun MCQ" App Download (Free) with ulysses, helios a, helios b, and genesis choices for distance learning. Solve investigating space quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for taking online classes.

Class 7 Science: Solar System Sun MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: Name of the American space probe is

A) Ulysses
B) Helios A
C) Helios B
D) Genesis

MCQ: Unfortunately, Ulysses' orbit is taking it more further away from the

A) Moon
B) Mars
C) Sun
D) Earth

MCQ: Sun is also called

A) yellow star
B) blue giant
C) red supergiant
D) white dwarf

MCQ: "Ulysses" reached to the sun in

A) 1991
B) 1992
C) 1993
D) 1994

MCQ: The temperature at the center of sun is about

A) 40,000 °C
B) 50,000 °C
C) 15 millions °C
D) 150,000 °C

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