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Safe and Drinking Water MCQ Quiz Online

Practice Safe and drinking water Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve safe and drinking water quiz answers PDF to learn 7th grade science online course. Importance of Water Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Safe and Drinking Water quiz questions PDF for online school and college. "Safe and Drinking Water MCQ" PDF Book: safe and drinking water, fresh water, water treatment test prep for taking online classes.

"Oil can be poison for" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on safe and drinking water with choices insect's life, aquatic life, animal's life, and human life for online school and college. Learn importance of water quiz questions for online certificate programs for free online courses.

MCQs on Safe and Drinking Water

MCQ: Oil can be poison for

insect's life
aquatic life
animal's life
human life

MCQ: When algae grows on the surface of water, it prevents

access of bacteria in water
access of sunlight in water
growth of fungi
growth of ferns and mosses

MCQ: The poison gets more concentrated as it moves through

food chain
fish body
vascular bundles in aquatic plants

MCQ: Skin diseases, eye infections and diarrhea are the examples of

water borne diseases
water washed diseases
water related diseases
anti water diseases

MCQ: Fish in the ponds and lakes die because the algae

takes all the minerals from water
takes all the oxygen from water
prevents sunlight to enter water
prevent from respiring