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Practice Making ammonia Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve making ammonia quiz answers PDF to learn 7th grade science online course. Physical and Chemical Changes Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Making Ammonia quiz questions PDF for online courses. "Making Ammonia MCQ" PDF Book: making plastics, polyvinyl chloride, solids liquids and gases test prep for distance education.

"Ammonia is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on making ammonia with choices green in color, blue in color, colorless, and brown in color for online courses. Learn physical and chemical changes quiz questions for online certificate programs for school certificate.

MCQs on Making Ammonia

MCQ: Ammonia is

green in color
blue in color
brown in color

MCQ: At the end of reaction, catalyst

is used up
remains unchanged

MCQ: Two major requirements for preparation of ammonia are

low temperature and high pressure
low temperature and pressure
high temperature and low pressure
high temperature and pressure

MCQ: Hydrogen is obtained by

reaction of methane
reaction of water
combustion of methane
boiling of water

MCQ: The odour of ammonia is

strong and pungent