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Learn Adaptations to habitats Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice adaptations to habitats quiz answers PDF to study online 7th grade science course. Feeding Relationships and Environment Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Adaptations to Habitats quiz questions PDF for online elementary school courses. "Adaptations to Habitats MCQ" PDF eBook: adaptations to habitats, feeding relationships and environment, dependence of living things, food chains and food webs test prep for distance learning classes.

"White coat of polar bears helps them to" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on adaptations to habitats with choices camouflage, look big, dry faster, and stay healthy for online elementary school courses. Study feeding relationships and environment quiz questions for online certificate programs for virtual elementary school.

MCQs on Adaptations to Habitats

MCQ: White coat of polar bears helps them to

look big
dry faster
stay healthy

MCQ: Polar bears have sharp claws and hairy soles for

awesome grip
quick sprinting
climbing mountains
none of the above

MCQ: Skin keeps itself warm through

piece of blanket
insulated wool layer
insulated fat layer
insulated protein layer

MCQ: Swollen stem of cactus is important to

absorb more oxygen
absorb more carbon dioxide
absorb more water
absorb more sunlight

MCQ: Plants growing in drier conditions tend to have small numbers of stomata on their lower leaf surface to save

water loss
stored sunlight
to prevent itself from consumers
energy loss