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Mass of Earth MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Solve Mass of earth Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), mass of earth quiz answers PDF worksheet, grade 9 physics practice test for online courses. Learn gravitation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Mass of Earth" quiz questions and answers for virtual online school. Learn force of gravitation, artificial satellites, mass of earth test prep for distance learning.

"The Earth attracts a body with a force equal to its" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on physics for class 10 with choices weight, area, volume, and pollution for virtual online school. Practice gravitation quiz questions for online certificate programs for online teaching certification programs.

MCQs on Mass of Earth PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The Earth attracts a body with a force equal to its

  1. weight
  2. area
  3. volume
  4. pollution


MCQ: The mass of earth is

  1. 5 * 1024 kg
  2. 6 * 1024
  3. 7 * 1024
  4. 8 * 1024