NOT Operation MCQ Questions Online PDF Download

Not operation MCQs, not operation quiz answers pdf to study high school physics for online certificate courses. Learn basic electronics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "not operation" quiz questions and answers for online high school. Learn electrons properties, basic operations of logical gates, or operation, analogue and digital electronics, not operation test prep for virtual online school.

"When a HIGH level is applied to an inverter, on its output appears" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on center of gravity with choices low level, high level, zero level, and none of above for online high school. Free physics student portal for online learning basic electronics quiz questions for online certifications.

MCQs on NOT operation PDF Download

MCQ: When a HIGH level is applied to an inverter, on its output appears

  1. LOW level
  2. HIGH level
  3. ZERO level
  4. none of above


MCQ: NOT gate is also called

  1. fusioner
  2. diverter
  3. convertor
  4. inverter


MCQ: NOT gate performs the basic logical function called

  1. conduction
  2. diversion
  3. inversion
  4. conversion


MCQ: The electronic circuit which implements the NOT operation is known as

  1. AND gate
  2. OR gate
  3. NAND gate
  4. NOT gate


MCQ: The purpose of NOT gate is to convert one logic level into the

  1. same logic level
  2. opposite logic level
  3. parallel logic level
  4. none of above