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High Voltage Transmission MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

High voltage transmission Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice high voltage transmission quiz answers PDF, 10th grade physics worksheets for online degrees. Solve electromagnetism Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "High Voltage Transmission" quiz questions PDF for online high school. Learn magnetic effects of steady current, transformer, turning effect on a current carrying coil in magnetic field, high voltage transmission test prep for school certificate.

"Magnetic effect of current is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on motion of free falling bodies with choices magnetism, steady current, electric current, and electromagnetism for online high school. Solve electromagnetism quiz questions for online certificate programs for online certifications.

MCQs on High Voltage Transmission PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Magnetic effect of current is called

  1. magnetism
  2. steady current
  3. electric current
  4. electromagnetism


MCQ: To control a large current with the help of a small current, we use the

  1. relay
  2. fuse
  3. breaker
  4. transformer


MCQ: At city substation, the AC is stepped down to

  1. 130 V
  2. 120 V
  3. 320 V
  4. 220 V


MCQ: An electrical switch that opens and closes under the control of another electrical circuit is called

  1. fuse
  2. relay
  3. breaker
  4. transformer


MCQ: A power station generates 600 MW of electrical power which is fed to a transmission line. If the input voltage is 300 Kv, then what current would flow in the transmission line?

  1. 5 × 103 A
  2. 10 × 103 A
  3. 2 × 103 A
  4. 7 × 103 A