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The Book Transfer of heat MCQ Questions and Answers, transfer of heat trivia questions with answers PDF 8 to download online courses, class 9 physics tests. Solve Heat Transfer and Radiation MCQs, transfer of heat quiz questions and answers for online degrees. The App Transfer of Heat Tests e-Book PDF Download: heat transfer and radiation, conduction, high school physics, application and consequences of radiation test prep for online learning.

The MCQ Quiz: If the temperature of an object is higher than its surroundings then it is PDF, "Transfer of Heat Tests" App APK Download with conducting more heat than absorbing, radiating more heat than absorbing, absorbing more heat than radiating, and conducting less heat than radiating choices for online degrees. Practice heat transfer and radiation quiz questions, download Kindle eBook (Free Sample) for online secondary school courses.

Class 9 Physics: Transfer of Heat MCQ Questions PDF Download

MCQ: If the temperature of an object is higher than its surroundings then it is

A) radiating more heat than absorbing
B) conducting more heat than absorbing
C) absorbing more heat than radiating
D) conducting less heat than radiating

MCQ: Metals are good conductors due to

A) rapid vibration of atoms
B) small size molecules
C) big size molecules
D) free electrons

MCQ: A small airplane without engine which ride over the terminals is known as

A) glider
B) moderator
C) parachute
D) spinner

MCQ: Like light rays, heat radiations also obey

A) law of friction
B) law of reflection
C) law of motion
D) law of refraction

MCQ: As compare to black surface, a white surface reflects

A) nothing
B) equal
C) less
D) more

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